Welcome to School of Indic Studies

Welcome to Indic Studies.It is an interdisciplinary scholarly program that not only offers courses, seminars, conferences, and research opportunities concerning philosophy, tradition, values, art, science, culture, and religions of India but most importantly provides a peek into integrative approach to knowledge and life that has withstood the test of time in healthy and harmonious living against many onslaughts and challenging circumstances. Read More >>

Our Honors & Awards

"The person who is inspired by good thoughts can accomplish all his vows successfully."

International conference on vedic saraswati River,kurukshetra

Prof. Singh Felicitated by Mr. Prashant Bhardwaj, Deputy Chairman, HSHDB

SIS Faculty with Chairperson, Draupadi Dream Trust & President WAVES-India

Dr. Dhir taking workshop in Kuruom Vidyalaya

Dr Aparna receiving Momento and certificate for presenttaion by Faculty members of Delhi University

Dr. Dhir at Jamia Millia Islamia University, 2019

Dr. Dhir with Former HoD, Depart. of Sanskrit, University of Delhi

Dr.Jerry Solfvin

Holi Hullad 2019

Presentation by Dr. Aparna in 22nd WAVES-India Conference, 2018

Prof. Singh at Bharati College, University of Delhi, 2019

Vote of Thanks by Dr. Dhir in WAVES-India Symposium at Gandhi Bhavan, 2019

Prof. Singh greeting PM Modi ji

Ashthana Vidwan title for Prof. Singh by Avdhoot Vidya Peetham, Mysore

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute of Advanced Sciences is to explore fundamental as well as applied sciences in all the disciplines related to health, agriculture, environment, and human behavior. The Institute will promote theoretical as well as experimental research and scholarship that create a deeper understanding of matter, mind, natural phenomena, and universal principles of life. Institute will also advance and promote modern Scientific Research and scholarship in Indian arts, philosophy, culture, traditions, societal values and customs, international harmony through learning, understanding ancient and modern traditions, planetary sustainability and holistic sciences for creating fundamental knowledge of the truth.

Our Vision

The vision for the Institute of Advanced Sciences is to become a leading institution of research and scholarship internationally for integrated interdisciplinary research for the benefit of human health and planetary sustainability. Institute will be a leading educational centre for the creation of a vibrant research, scholarship, and teaching institution to engage the academic and scholarly community, to develop fundamental practical knowledge for human self-reliance, and planetary sustainability through education.