Research and Scholarship

School of Indic Studies promotes basic and applied research and scholarship related to material and non-material sciences, including those related to health, environment, agriculture, linguistics, philosophy, music, education, arts, and archeology, in an integrated manner.

Currently the School is involved in active projects related to Paradigm Shifts in Sciences, Whole Brain Teaching and Learning, Theoretical Vedic Science, Indigenous Vedic Social Democratic systems and I-COAST.

Paradigm Shifts in Science to Create Better Healthcare.


Whole Brain Teaching and Learning Super Accelerated Learning Theory SALT

Theoretical Vedic Science : Pranic Energy

Indigenous Social Democratic Institutions of the Vedic Tradition

International Consortium of Ayurvedic Science and Technology (I-COAST) :

I-COAST Description - Introduction.

Information for the membership to I-COAST.

Chronology Markers and History of Indian Heritage

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