Welcome to Botulinum Research Center (BRC)

The national Botulinum Research Center (BRC) is one of the major academic and research units of the Institute of Advanced Sciences (IAS). It was first established in 2003 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth under the leadership of Dr. Bal Ram Singh, Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at UMass Dartmouth (1990-2015). Since August 2013 BRC moved to the Institute of Advanced Sciences located at 86 Faunce Corner Road, Mall road Suite 410, North Dartmouth, MA-02747, USA

BRC continues to promote research to create an understanding of the botulinum neurotoxins, their applications and the defenses against such toxins as biothreat agents.

BRC was initiated as a national effort, in collaboration with many researchers in academia, government agencies and industry. Currently, it has an international advisory board consisting of scientists from the UK, Japan, Italy, Germany and the US.

Our Honors & Awards

INADS group at BRC 2018

Recent Publications

Prof. Bal Ram Singh Addressing Amity University

Raj Kumar & Bal Ram Singh (2016) Protein Toxins in Modeling Biochemistry. Publisher: Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-43538-1.

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute of Advanced Sciences is to explore fundamental as well as applied sciences in all the disciplines related to health, agriculture, environment, and human behavior. The Institute will promote theoretical as well as experimental research and scholarship that create a deeper understanding of matter, mind, natural phenomena, and universal principles of life. Institute will also advance and promote modern Scientific Research and scholarship in Indian arts, philosophy, culture, traditions, societal values and customs, international harmony through learning, understanding ancient and modern traditions, planetary sustainability and holistic sciences for creating fundamental knowledge of the truth. 

Our Vision

The vision for the Institute of Advanced Sciences is to become a leading institution of research and scholarship internationally for integrated interdisciplinary research for the benefit of human health and planetary sustainability. Institute will be a leading educational centre for the creation of a vibrant research, scholarship, and teaching institution to engage the academic and scholarly community, to develop fundamental practical knowledge for human self-reliance, and planetary sustainability through education.