Drug formulation

The challenge in the development of protein-based therapeutic agents is the stability of protein and the alternative delivery route rather than injection. We are working on both these fronts.

   BoNT-based Drug Delivery Vehicles

BoNT with its extreme specificity for neuronal cells is now being targeted for designing drug delivery vehicle in combination with nanoparticles and liposomes. Proof of concept research has already been carried out at the Center, and currently proposals are being prepared to obtain funding to develop drug delivery vehicles against several neuronal and brain diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease.

   Neuronal Delivery of Therapeutic Molecules

Neurogenesis is a complex process and require multipronged approach for effective therapeutic intervention. There are two major aspects in the recovery of injured or degenerated neurons; a) axonal regeneration, and b) synaptic activities. Our project will result in a novel non-viral based target-selective drug delivery system (selective to neuronal cells) to delivery an enzyme or protein chimeras that will promote axonal growth and improve synaptic plasticity in neurons.

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