Whole Brain Teaching and Learning Super Accelerated Learning Theory SALT

The SALT school model puts focus on individual student's learning style, utilizes his/her intellectual strengths, and promotes effective student learning in an environment that encourages development of student's abilities at his/her own pace to achieve excellence. Briefly, SALT approach employs acquisition, assimilation and processing of Information of various disciplines, holistically, are through all organs of actions and perceptions, in the information superhighway, with the use of the whole brain and a disciplined mind, in a semi or altered state of consciousness, based on the psychological development and physiological function of the biological brain, through various neurological pathways, in respect to learning, application, storage and retrieving of information, in and from its long term static memory, instantaneously.

This school model has been tested with a limited number of students, six of whom graduated from high school with education under this model, all of whom have gone on to productive life in academia and industry. The school model is being tested and evaluated in collaboration with 3 R Foundation which has a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, with the involvement of several faculty members from Education, STEM, Sciences, Mathematics, Music, and Foreign Languages Departments.

We plan to develop this school model now to expand its utility to pupils at risk at both end of talent spectrum as well as those who are inhibited due to ethnic, cultural, and linguistic reasons.

  • Pandit Ramsamooj, 3 R Foundation, Investigator.

  • Maureen Hall, PhD, UMass Dartmouth, Investigator.

  • Colleagues from Dev Sanskrit University in India.

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