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    Research and Scholarship :: School of Indic Studies ::

    Theoretical Vedic Science : Pranic Energy :

    The vital energy or life inherited in our body is called Prana. How this life force work, how it help in processing the mind-body functioning, and in self-realization. The word Prana is mentioned in Taittriya-Upanishad.

    According to the scripture, it lies as a sheath immediately after the Physical Body Sheath. We at the institute are looking into the existence of Prana through mathematical and experimental verification by using the principles of thermodynamics.

    1. Bal Ram Singh, Ph. D, Institute of Advanced Sciences.

    2. Raj Kumar, Ph. D, Institute of Advanced Sciences.

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    86-410B Faunce Corner Mall Road,
    Dartmouth, MA 02747
    Ph: 508-992-2042
    e-mail : bsingh@inads.org, hjones@inads.org