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    About Us :: Institute of Advanced Sciences ::

    Welcome to Institute of Advanced Sciences :

    Goals and Plans :

    The Institute of Advanced Sciences has the following goals :

    • Recruit outstanding scientists and scholars for advancing scientific knowledge.
    • Develop first rate laboratory facilities for experimental research.
    • Offer credit courses leading to certificate and degree programs.
    • Provide resources for national and international research using modern technology.
    • Disseminate evidence based knowledge for public good.
    • Provide internship and workshops for grade school and college students in modern scientific technology related to biomedical research, health and agriculture sciences, and environment and sustainable living.
    • Provide public service by offering training and workshops for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
    • Establish a Board of Directors consisting of leading scholars and intellectuals to guide ever changing landscape of science and technology.

    People :

    • Founder - Dr. Bal Ram Singh
    • Board of Directors
      • Dr. Shashi K. Sharma, USFDA
      • Dr. Andy Pickett, Toxin Science, UK
      • Dr. Kodumudi Venkateswarn, OmniArray Biotechnology
      • Dr. Margaret Wechter, Emeritus Professor, UMass Dartmouth
      • Dr. Bal Ram Singh, Professor, UMass Dartmouth, President and CEO, Prime Bio, Inc.
    • Board of Trustees - being established

    :: News & Updates ::

    Archived News

    Contact Us

    86-410B Faunce Corner Mall Road,
    Dartmouth, MA 02747
    Ph: 508-992-2042
    e-mail : bsingh@inads.org, hjones@inads.org