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    Research Video :: Botulinum Research Center ::

    Research Videos

    Simulation of BonT/ALC

    In 3.8 M urea solution, BoNT/A LC loses most of its α-helices which convert into random coil, while the β-sheets remain intact and the tertiary structure is preserved.
    Simulation of BonT/ALC

    In 5M urea solution, BoNT/A LC molecule regains α-helicity, yet, loses some β-sheets, and the tertiary structure changes significantly.
    Simulation of BonT/ALC

    In 7M urea solution, BoNT/A LC unfolds completely and loses almost all its tertiary structure elements, while retaining only residual secondary structure content (α-helices).
    Internalization of Protein In Neuronal Cell

    In Confocal scan image of DR BoNT/A internalization in M17-TR2 neuroblastoma cells pre-incubated with 200 nM DR BoNT/A for 48 h. (a) Panel A. Hoechst 33342 Nucleus dye (cyan color), Panel B. Alexa fluor 594 membrane dye (red color), Panel C Alexa fluor 488 labeled DR BoNT/A (green color), Panel D. Co-localization image of all three dyes. Hoechst 33342, Alexa fluor 594, and Alexa fluor 488 was excited at excitation wavelength of 392, 594, and 488 nm respectively.

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